LAUSD Central Los Angeles Learning Center #1

The Central Los Angeles Learning Center #1 is the single largest school project ever taken on by the Los Angeles Unified School District. It covers a large city block in downtown Wilshire, Los Angeles and runs from K-12, plus City Park. On this particular project Ralph Ray has been instrumental in solving key waterproofing and methane intrusion concerns while at the same time maximizing manufacturer warranties, and methane mitigation minimums. To solve all the project site challenges, a combination of Tremproof260 spray, Tremco Paraseal GM and GSE World HDPE were utilized.

Campus at Playa Vista

The Campus at Playa Vista in Los Angeles is a major development project which is approximately 64 hectares big. This location is less than ten minutes from the LAX Airport and is being developed to be a natural, high water table, wetlands area. To be able to meet city standards, gas and water membrane techniques are to be conducted which paved the way for Ralph Raycon Construction Inc. to facilitate Value Engineering services in the area in order to prevent threats and possible gas leaks. This project used Tremco VaporLock – M spray applied membrane, and GSE HDPE welded seams.


California Endowment Headquarters

The California Endowment facility required the use of spray applied membrane materials to provide protection from contaminated ground water and soil. The system included a sophisticated active sub slab venting system which had to be isolated from high ground water. The project included over 100,000 square feet of membrane material. Ralph Ray installed Liquid Boot as the methane membrane.


Fantasy Springs Casino

The assistance of Ralph Ray was called upon to help Matt Construction complete construction and waterproofing of 12 large scale water features on a resort property. The project requires a hard to beat deadline, system analysis and engineering services. Ralph Ray completed the construction of the project on time and on budget. The project materials included positive and negative side coatings, spray applied membrane material, sheet waterproofing materials and Bentonite materials.


Avalon Wilshire Apartments

Located in the “tar pits” area of Los Angeles, The Avalon Wilshire Apartments project is one of the most challenging projects of Ralph Ray for a number of reasons. The project is designed as a “boat” with the bottom of the structure extending into the water table. High levels of hydrogen sulfide have to be scrubbed from the water to ensure a safe environment. High levels of explosive methane gas and numerous tar seeps also plague the site and needs to be removed. In addition to the natural environmental obstacles, a former leaking underground tank is the source of ground water and soil contamination. The numerous environmental obstacles augmented the problem in order to complete this project on time and on budget yet Ralph Ray was able to do it.


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